Saturday 13 October 2018

Another in-out referendum is not the solution

The call for a second in-out referendum is misguided. Parliament will never agree to it and if it did happen it would cause bitterness and strife and set a dangerous precedent. Far better for MPs to demand a Norway-style Single Market solution allowing us to regain rights over our fishing grounds (which Edward Heath foolishly surrendered in 1972), plus agreement to give the Government power to control possible future surges in immigration, which all member states would welcome. This would solve the problem of the Northern Ireland border and protect Gibraltar from future bullying. And it would allow the UK to remain within the jurisdiction of the European court and trade with our partners as before, both of which are hugely in Britain’s interest.

If it were then decided to put such a deal to a further referendum, polls suggest that an overwhelming majority would be in favour. Of course, Britain would lose its seat at the top table, but with our main parties led as they currently are, would that really be such a bad thing?